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A visit to a nursery ~$2 per plant pot

During the last weekend afternoon, I visited a nursery, Shi Sheng Plant (SSP) at Sungei Tengah (Choa Chu Kang area) (Address: 84 Sungei Tengah, S698986). SSP is the supplier of the potted plants for Cheers Convenience stores islandwide. They sell more than 30 types of potted plants at a very friendly price of $2. As I just caught on to the gardening craze lately, I decided to explore the place with my family.

I am aware that there are a few nurseries in the area. As we were in the area after 3 pm (it closes at 4 pm), we focused on this nursery only. There was no clear name brand of SSP at the entrance. We followed the address and were guided by the $2 plants posters to arrive at the compound, which was shared by another nursery operator.

The weather then was sunny and kinda cool. There were few visitors walking around the place, 'shopping' for their plants of choice. The plant types were well organised by categories - leafy, cactus, succulents, hangar, etc. It was easy to look for what I like - cactus and succulents. The space, the environment. the organised manner, friendly host....We enjoyed the visit.

There was a pet guest brought by a couple (refer to the picture). It looks cute and interesting to me. This added fun to our visit too. Can you guess what it is? (in picture).

I bought 3 pots of plants (plus 2 packets of house brand soil) and each cost more than $2 ($2 are more on leafy plants). It was a good experience and getwaway. We will be going back again! For those who are into gardening, I would recommend this place!

**In lieu of International Women's day, may I wish all women within the reach of this post, Happy International Women's Day!


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