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Advice to Job Seekers

😔Disillusioned expected salary

I met with a friend, B, for a coffee session.

As a local, B obtained a scholarship to study at one of the popular local universities. She studied hard and graduated with first-class honours.

As an undergraduate, B’s lecturers shared with her and her cohort on the expected range they should be getting when they graduated. It was similar to those published in the media.

With B’s efforts and exceptionally good academic results, her future looked bright. She started her job search.

However, due to the industry and discipline, she was in, the majority of the employers were small & medium enterprises (SMEs). The MNCs paid slightly better only.

B became disillusioned. She felt she was entitled to a certain range of salary, only to find out that they were not real.

She went for numerous interviews. The employers were not willing to match her expectations, including the MNCs. Her expected salary, with reference to the published range, was 20% higher than what employers were willing to pay.

It was her 1st job upon graduation. She was full of dreams. She felt self-entitled. But the reality dashed it all.

💵Chose the lower salary

I know of someone who received 2 job offers upon graduation. At the 1st level, she wanted to accept the higher salaried job. After seeking advice from a wise person, she took up a lower-salaried job.

She then discovered that the job she took up offered a better salary upon confirmation, and had training and development opportunities that the earlier role did not have.

✅Personal advice to job seekers (particularly young graduates)✅

Yes, there are employers who pay in accordance with the published salary range but they are mainly the government/public sector.

Key Pointers:

1️⃣ You can use the published salary data as a reference.

2️⃣ Look at the salary offered by employers in the industry you want to work in job portals.

3️⃣ Attend job interviews to understand what employers are looking for and if the role is aligned with your personal aspirations.

4️⃣ Have a balanced view of salary, between 1️⃣ & 2️⃣.

5️⃣ Understand the total package besides the offered basic salary, such as bonuses, annual leave, medical coverage, etc. Salary should not be everything.

6️⃣ High salary is not a guarantee of everything. In fact, high salaries may deter growth because it may be challenging for the job holders to move on to the next role.

7️⃣ No matter what high salary one person can start with, he/she will hit the salary ceiling eventually.

Do you have any pointers to add on?

image credit: Membrain

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