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Be True and Real

In the context of this post, be true and real ✅To the people around us ✅While searching for jobs Sharing 2 encounters I have lately, based on 2nd point. 😒Jobseeker A I approached A for a sales-related role. When I asked A for his expected salary, he gave a figure that was acceptable based on his credentials. When asked which companies he had gone to an interview, he mentioned one of the clients with whom I have been working. The issue here is that the expected salary which he mentioned was out of the range this client offers. He bragged throughout the remaining conversation. With good partnership with the hiring client, I called the HR in charge. I gave A's name and HR said she did not receive any CV by the same name. When I mentioned A's expected salary, HR confirmed that it was out of their range. When A applied for another job post which I put up, I rejected his application. 😒Jobseeker B I approached B for the same role after a time gap, as I saw a good fit based on the 1st version of the CV I archived. After some discussion, he was keen on the role and promised that he would update his CV and send me thereafter. Before I received the revised CV from him, I came across his CV in a job portal, which he was very active on. I looked through the newly downloaded CV and I was confused. 1️⃣ Why had the duration for some past roles changed? 2️⃣ Why was the specific experience and employer I saw in the older CV not stated in the downloaded CV? In summary, both CVs were not consistent in terms of employers and employment duration. B had doctored the CV. He finally sent me the CV which he agreed. It was the same as the 1st CV, adding his current employer. Again when I compared, there were inconsistencies. I thanked him for sending in. At the same time I told him upfront that I won't be representing him because I could no longer trust the information he has presented in his CVs. My last statement to him : Be consistent and stay true to yourself. Point to note : Do: Yes, many of us have read that we customise our CVs for the role(s) we apply for, in accordance with the job descriptions. We highlight the skills, experience, achievements, etc. which the employer is looking for and with the closest experience/achievement at the top. Don't Do not alter the duration of each employment. By doing this, and upon discovery, you are being deemed as hiding information. This is equivalent to "game over". My personal advice : 🎯Don't brag to a Recruiter. You don't know what and who they know, like A's case. 🎯Lies will backfire 🎯Be true to self and choose to be the real you, at all times. Please feel free to share your view. #jobseekers #employment #honesty #recruitment image credit: Depositphotos

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