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DO’s and DON’T’s for job-seekers

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I am sharing the following as a Recruiter. This is on top of the usual advice such as having a detailed CV, etc., and is based on my observations.


1) Label your CV with your last name & full name

Label your CV with your name when you apply through job portals, instead of naming it as 'My Resume'. Recruiters view many CVs every day. It's good to differentiate yourself.

2) To apply for the interested positions even though there may be many applicants

I had 1 experience when I received 300+ applications for a role. After all screening has been completed, only about 6 candidates were shortlisted for interview.

Don't be deterred by the number of applicants. Pursue your interest boldly!

3) Job descriptions are generic. It's always good to understand more. If you are invited for an interview, go for it,

4) Read the salary info/job location in detail

This are the basic information provided in the job post. I have encountered job applicants who indicated that they miss these details when we call them. Some decided not to proceed when they heard about the salary/location.

5) Be open-minded

- Though hybrid work arrangement is a norm now, some jobs are not allowed. Don't reject a job opportunity when they don't provide it. Some companies only allow hybrid work arrangements upon confirmation.

- If the hiring company offers you another position after the interview, be willing to consider too. This shows that they see your value while the original role may not be suitable for internal reasons.

6) Partner with your recruiter

Job searching can be daunting. If you have a recruiter to work alongside you, partner with him/her. They are always in a better position to help you with their network.

7) Be flexible

There have been shortlisted job seekers who prefer virtual interviews while employers have resumed in-person interviews. Unless there are special circumstances, employers would be willing to consider for a virtual interview.

Be willing to travel to a potential employer’s office, even though you may require to take leave. You can meet the interviewers in person and gain insight into the office/work environment.

8) Be prepared for the interview

Always do research of the companies you applied for. It’s always good to know more than less.


1) If the JDs indicate some requirements in which there are obvious gaps, such as Mandarin-speaking when you can’t, please do not apply. The requirements are there for a reason.

2) It’s important to know what you want in your first/next job. But do not be fussy till you miss the boat.

3) Don’t ghost your recruiters at any point. If you decide not to pursue it, share the reasons. Be respectful.

✅A sincere advice :

The job market is evolving constantly. The more agile and open-minded ones are the winners!

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