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Good Health is Indeed Good Wealth!

Due to festive seasons, there were much exchange of greetings and sharing of updates with friends and ex-colleagues. I would like to share 3 health-related stories with LI friends/connections here : Friend A 🚲 She is in her late 20s. On the 4th day of Chinese New Year (CNY), A shared through WhatsApp that she has recovered from Covid19 after 5 days of suffering. She only shared with me later in order not to dampen my CNY mood. In a male domineering working environment, all 4 female employees including her were infected. She also found out that colleagues who exercise regularly have better immunity and are not infected. 💖Takeaway: Have a regular exercise regime to strengthen the immunity system. Friend B 🍽️ I texted B to check if there is any CNY visit to a common friend's family. B replied that there was no arrangement. I sensed that something was wrong. After slight probing, B shared that he was admitted to a hospital on eve of New Year's day due to a minor stroke. His life philosophy had been 'live to eat'. He would travel to many parts of Singapore to savour good/popular foods. He would ensure that the plates/bowls were clean and empty (no gravy left, no soup left, no fats/skin left). Over a period of time, he had been taking in a high level of salt and oil into his body. Since the episode of a minor stroke, he reluctantly changes his life philosophy to 'eat to live'. As he is recovering from a stroke, he is learning to do most of the daily basics on his own. 💖Takeaway: Eat moderately and have a healthier habit and mindset.

Friend C😶‍🌫️ C is an ex-colleague's husband who was 65 years old. I learned from the ex-colleague that her beloved husband of 40 years ( they married young) fainted while he returned from his jog. He was being found much later which resulted in oxygen shortage in the brain. The doctor had advised that he would remain in a coma even if he managed to live on. After struggling in the hospital for 2-3 weeks, the family decided to remove the life support. This happened in Q1 2021 and the ex-colleague took many months to come to terms that her husband is gone for good. C had high cholesterol and was advised by a general practitioner (GP) to jog to control the cholesterol level. However, C did not have a prior health check-up and took the GP's advice at face value. The family noticed that C's lips turned purplish each time he returned from his jog, not realising that he had artery blockage. His death was caused by a heart attack. 💖 Takeaway: Have regular checkups. Know your health conditions before you start your exercise regime. Please take GP's advice with care. Good health is the greatest wealth! (Permission has been obtained to share the stories here.) #covid19 #exercise #eating #health #wealth #ligtwayhr

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