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Great Customer Service and Excellent Customer Experience!

This was quoted based on Shirley Chua’s post published on 27 Oct 2021 on LinkedIn, about the article on Interview of Ms. Huang Qin Hua of Fu Zhen Seafood Restaurant’. The compliment of a heartland ‘zi char’ (Chinese stir fry) stall owner and my personal inclination towards Heng Hwa (a Chinese dialect, similar to the cuisine offered by 莆田 Putien Group) ‘s cuisine and some exchanges I have with Shirley Chua propel me to visit the stall. On 13 Jan 2022 (Thursday), Shirley and I decided to meet for dinner at Fu Zhen Seafood Restaurant, located at Bukit Batok East Ave 3 (full address below. Due to my traveling, we reached the coffee shop at 730pm. There was a handful of diners in the said coffee shop due to the crowd control measures on a weekday evening (maximum of 2 to a table in most heartland coffee shops in Singapore). It was the first time for me to meet a ‘virtual’ friend on LinkedIn in person (please pardon us for being 'camera shy'). Ms. Huang, the owner, was with us to take our orders. We ordered 4 dishes: 1) popular Heng Hwa 'mee swa' (vermicelli); 2) vegetarian stirred fried tow key (beancurd skin dou豆腐皮) with kai lan (芥兰);, 3) sweet-sour pork with lychee (another popular Heng Hwa dish), and 4) fried taro (yam) with maltose (麦芽糖) syrup (a desert dish). The 4 dishes were very tasty with the specially mixed pickled type of chili sauce in the picture. As there were only 2 of us, we ‘struggled’ to finish the food around 930pm, after much sharing and exchange. They were all very good, with fresh ingredients and I did not feel thirsty after the dinner. We provided 1 feedback to Ms. Huang for only 1 dish: tow key with kai la

n which was saltier (dish 2 as above). We ordered a bowl of plain rice to balance off the taste. We shared with Ms. Huang our feedback and she listened very attentively, nodding her head. She did not defend or find an excuse at all. The dishes were reasonably charged (货真价实) with the good quality and reasonable portion. At a heartland coffee shop, Ms. Huang’s outstanding customer experience mindset and the quality that her team and she provide, enable them to stand out among the rest. From i) Ms. Huang’s attentiveness in listening to feedback ii) the self-made special pickled chili iii) delicious quality food and fresh ingredient I, together with Shirley, recommend this stall to our family and friends. LinkedIn friends and connections, we encourage you to drop by Ms. Huang’s stall soon! Address : Fu Zhen (福珍) Seafood Restaurant Blk 283, Bukit Batok East Ave 3 #01-285, Singapore 650283

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