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How to be better hiring manager/ hiring HR!

Job seeking journey is not easy and can be painful for many.

Being hands-on recruitment for both corporate HR and as a service provider, my views are as follows :

⏲️Time frame⏲️

Time and tide wait for no man. No one likes to be kept waiting.

When job seekers look for jobs, they would send their CVs to a few or many employers. It’s definitely beneficial for hiring managers to respond promptly when they receive applications. Also,

respond accordingly – yes or no. This would eliminate the pain of waiting and allow the applicants to move on.

When employers take longer time than usual,

1️⃣ candidate may have doubts about the sincerity of the employers.

2️⃣ candidates may no longer be available/change their minds.


I often hear/see that candidate turn down offers when hiring employers push down the salary in view of internal equity or the jump is too high from the last drawn, in their context.

1️⃣It would be better to view salary offerings on a case-by-case basis, depending on the role or/and skills.

For roles that require highly specialised skills or niched skills that are valuable to the industry the employers are in, such as programming, and often driven by demands, employers should lower or discard the weightage of internal equity and make the best possible offer to the shortlisted candidates.

2️⃣ When employers have the notion of offering lower than the asking initially and leaving to upwards negotiation, it will often make the candidates feel distasteful. Often than not, the candidates will walk away and never turn back.

In my view, this is a form of 'Penny Wise, Pound Foolish"!

💭Be practical💭

Hiring managers need to be practical and open-minded to fine-tune their candidate-searching journey :

✅Salary expectation/budget




There will never be perfect candidates. If hiring managers are looking for perfect candidates (or unicorn hiring/to ensure all points in the job description are checked), they may not be able to keep the appointed candidates in employment and offer the work environment/challenges/progression in the longer run.

I have seen cases in which the ‘perfect’ candidates (during interviews) raised white flags during 1st few months of their work because there had been a mismatch in reality and expectations.

🎆Employer Branding🎆

When the above points are taken care of, the employer branding will be enhanced!

🎯Skills can be trained or improved, while a good attitude and correct mindset are more precious!

🎯It pays to work towards win-win situations in recruitment!

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