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Is such risk worth taking?

There has been an ongoing discussion on getting employers to verify the degree certificates of candidates/interviewees/employees. Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has requested work pass holders, particularly from S pass (semi-skilled workers) onwards to verify their certificates.

CNA has published an article dated 16 Mar 2023 on how jobseekers actually can get a fake NTU/NUS degree certificate at an estimated cost of USD700 (refer to the link in the comment), in order to secure better jobs and salaries.

The article shared examples of how these candidates turned employees ‘cheated’ on their employers. All these employees received the same treatment – their employment has been terminated. Some were even imprisoned for using fake certificates to apply for jobs.

My personal experience 📑📑

1️⃣While in n corporate HR, I submitted authentication request to an EU university for a candidate from an uncommon country. Thankfully her postgraduate certificate was genuine and she was offered the role.

2️⃣I have heard of colleagues who ‘bought’ their certificates off the rack for rank and file roles. There was no verification done and they were onboard.

3️⃣There is one recent S pass renewal case.

MOM has requested verification of the employee's technical certificate. Due to some complication (no central examination board in the home country/the institute attended has defuncted), no verification could be done. In the end, MOM allowed this employee’s S pass to be renewed based on his experience and skillsets., through the SAT portal.

4️⃣I have also met job seekers who under-declare their qualifications. They have post-graduate degrees but they choose not to put them up in their CV. Based on their experience, they get fewer calls from potential employers when they declare that they have a postgraduate degree for middle-level role. Is this wise?

What can be done?

A few ways for employers to verify the study records :

➡️ Obtain transcripts, not just certificates

➡️ Engage background screening companies (list of companies in comment)

➡️ Write directly to universities/institutes for verification

➡️ Use software such as OpenCerts data file (more for SG based certs)

I also tried chaptGPT for advice on how to verify if jobseekers' certificates are genuine. Unfortunately (or not), the answers provided are not as comprehensive as I hope for. (refer to printscreen in comments)

Is it worth using fake certificates for job applications

? Definitely not!

Most importantly, as a jobseeker

✅Have the right mindset/attitude.

✅Let your yes be yes and your no be no!

When one doesn’t have the papers, earn for it. Don't inflate!

✅Willing to work hard, and smart in the right and ethical way.

✅Think of the consequences.

Care to add comments or share your view?

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