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More vibrancy In Little India!

I go for my family visits at Little India almost every weekend. I am sharing the scenes I see prior to, during, and the recent recovery here.

Prior to the pandemic outbreak🚚👷

The lanes were busy with visitors watching out for the traffic while vehicles maneuvering through the busyness, vice versa during weekend evenings. During these times, the migrant workers would visit Little India (Indian nationals and Bangladeshis) to unwind and get their necessities, after their long week of work. Many of the workers were residing at the dormitories. Trucks ferrying with groups of fellow workers were commonly seen.

During the Covid19 period 😢😶‍🌫️🥶

There were crowd restrictions and workers staying at the dormitories were required to stay within their compound for several months. The bustling scenes at Little India disappeared. Many eateries hardly had any guests and some shops were closed to minimise their loss. The roads were quiet and there were many parking lots available.

Since End 2021 🙂

I notice that the crowd is returning. There are more vehicles, particularly trucks. Parking lots are not as readily available as before. The shops are busy and more guests are seen at the eateries. This is the Little India I am familiar with and happy to see the bustles again.

There has been an easing of migrant workers in dormitories since Dec 2021 as the vaccination rate among the migrant workers residing at dormitories has achieved 98%. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has expanded the community visit program, from 500 workers in Sep 2021 during the pilot run to 3,000 per day since Dec 2021.

I look forward to more busyness on the roads and more crowd in public transportation, similar to what Dung HK (Dung) has shared in his recent post. The increased vibrancy in Little India is definitely a good sign too! 🎉🎈

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