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Preparedness and Readiness

Preparedness and readiness seem similar, yet they are different.

📑Preparedness refers to when all arrangements have been made. When the time comes, one will have everything ready. It is the state of mind.

📑Readiness is being prepared and ready to go or being ready. It is the state of being.

There are 4 combinations:

1) Prepared and ready

2) Prepared but not ready

3) Ready but Unprepared

4) Unprepared and not ready

Below are the respective scenarios :

1. Prepared and ready

State of mind: forward-looking

▶️A retiree who has done good financial planning and has planned his post-retirement activities

▶️A well-nurtured employee who is promoted to the next role

2. Prepared but not ready

State of mind: apprehensive

▶️A mid-career switcher who has completed the relevant training and is being matched for a related role. On-the-Job-

training (OJT) would help the job holder to fit into the role faster.

▶️A person who is burnt out at work and wants to take a career break. Yet, he/she has concerns over finances and/or job searching;

▶️Many people would buy life assurance policies against major/terminal illnesses. I believe no one is ready to be diagnosed with such.

▶️All human beings know that their loved ones will pass on one day, yet none is ready.

3. Ready but unprepared

State of mind: enthusiastic

▶️A student who is moving to the next phase of his/her education with a weak foundation.

▶️A young and ambitious jobholder is eager to climb the corporate ladder and wishes to have high-level positions

▶️ Many household owners are ready to save money by handling DIY jobs at home, such as plumbing, only to spend more in the long run as they have been unprepared to cope with their own errors.

4. Unprepared and not ready

State of mind: loss/helpless

▶️Covid19 took the world by storm with a highly contagious virus. Borders were closed for > 2 years and the aviation industry came to almost a standstill globally.

▶️Lately, a young lady took her own life due to work stress-induced depression. Her case is not unique.


I have obtained inspiration on Preparedness and Readiness from my 2 hamsters giving birth encounter.

*1st encounter: Prepared and ready but the pups (babies) did not survive. The mother was distressed and ate her pups.

*2nd encounter: Ready but unprepared. We were caught off-handed as the pups arrived unexpectedly but we were ready to take care of the mother and the pups. They have grown up now.



✅If anyone reading this post is in the 2nd or 4th combination currently and has been searching for answers for a while, please talk to loved/trusted loved ones or seek professional help (Career coach, Life coach, Counsellor, Psychologist, etc.).

Question ▶️▶️

Do you have any scenarios which you like to add on? Or share your thoughts? Please share in the Comment

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