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Reality vs expected – job market observation

An article was shared with me (link in comment) on many employers being obsessed with hiring degree holders for the open positions they have.

Personal encounters

As a Recruiter, besides the issues shared in the article, I have experienced the following:

▶️Employers want all the requirements to be ticked to accept the applicants. Must have degree, industry-related experience, project experience, etc. There was one such candidate who had 90% match, attended the interview but was rejected.

▶️There are employers who only want local poly diploma holders and/or local university degree holders for their positions.

▶️For some jobs, the job scope stated are not enchanting based on the qualification required. I asked the hiring team if they think that the job holder would stay in the job. Their answer was, hiring manager wanted it.

▶️For some, I proposed senior candidates to fill the positions as they have the experience. 1 employer cited that their job may look simple but they require speed in day-to-day work. They had given opportunities to this group earlier, but the success rate was below par.

▶️Some jobs require certain language skills as they need to work with overseas partners regularly. Are they able to tweet, such as having a mix in the team? So far no, even though the positions have been vacant for a while.

Points to ponder

✅A SME I work with is in the forefront of technologies. They've not been able to attract local talents to apply as it is deemed that they're not attractive in terms of salary/benefits. Jobseekers are not wrong, but will they find job fulfilment when they are in bigger companies?

✅There's a position which I helped a candidate. He started a part time degree course and would take 4 years to complete. The manager asked, what'd happen after the candidate completes his degree. I was dumbfounded. In today’s era, when job and employer's engagement, job purpose, etc. are being in the limelight, why this question?

✅Many jobs are not filled though the challenges meet the jobseekers' needs. One reason is the offered salary. Local institutions have published high base pay based through statistics but not every employer is willing to pay. Internal equity is one consideration. If they pay fresh graduates’ market’s recommendation, it will rock their boat.

✅There are many jobs which call for hands-on skills vs academic. Many have chosen not to take up the former path citing the work condition is less preferred. SG Government has developed programs (PWP-Progressive Wage program) to attract local jobseekers to enter into specific industries. Salary, opportunities and job image have been enhanced. But takers/stayers are only handful.


When employers/job seekers have their own expectations, it is needful to make realistic adjustments for sustainability.


As Recruiters, it makes a world of difference when our clients ( employers/job seekers) thank us for our efforts.

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