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Resignation through SMS/Whatsapp

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

One of the blue collared employees had not been performing well in his role for almost 12 months. He sent an SMS to his HR Specialist colleague, citing that he wished to resign from his role and would provide an official resignation letter.

The HR Manager viewed that the SMS message was the resignation notice, in view of the employee’s not so good performance, and pushed for off-boarding of the said employee.

After seeking advice from various legal parties, both in-house legal team and external parties, it is established that resignation through SMS or WhatsApp is not valid, in Singapore’s context. Regardless of position, job title, salary level, etc., a formal resignation, either a letter or email, is the correct way.

As the said employee decided to stay on, HR counseled him to adopt the correct mindset, attitude and to have a fulfilling career with the organisaiton.

For employees who are planning to resign, please submit a letter or email when you resign. Let’s show respect to our own selves and our organization, even in parting moments.

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