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Review : Covid-19's impact on employment, MOM work pass processing and costs

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

During a sharing session recently, someone asked on the impact of Covid-19 on MOM work pass processing, I thought it will be good to share the information, including employment costs, with all within the radar 1) Entry to SG is restricted with limited quota per day. Candidates with MOM's in-principal approvals (IPAs) are not granted special entry too. 2) Country source is a challenge. Candidates with ready IPAs have received multiple rejections for entry applications/appeals from certain countries This include high level positions like regional management team When job candidates cannot enter into SG, even with virtual meetings, there are limitations for job holders to integrate better into their role. 3) Higher cost for employers/candidates due to stay home notice (SHN) costs whichever party bears the costs, swap tests cost from place of embarkation and upon arrival (should improve soon in view of agreement with selected countries). 4) MOM'S processing time is also longer due to more stringent criterion in view of protecting local PMETs rice bowl 5) Migrant workers' entry control has caused manpower shortage to construction, marine and process sectors as per MOM's policy change on 13 Aug 2021. The same goes to manufacturing industry which is not included in he said change. Some employers even compete for candidates with higher salary 6) Even domestic helpers' shortage also pose a lot of challenges to employers and agencies. Some helpers also ask for much higher salary knowing the shortage situation. Employers with challenging situations have no choice but to comply with the terms. Agencies also have little or no revenue as there is little/no placement. To all employers out there. It's not been easy times for the last 1 year+. Hang in there! We are seeing rainbow with SG's good pandemic control and borders' re-opening!

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