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Good partnership with Clients and Jobseeker

Placement and representation

2 months ago, I received requests by phone from 2 different clients to look for 1 position each in their organisations. When I asked for the job description, both persons in charge said they do not have the JDs. Both positions were urgent.

Based on the brief description and requirements provided over the phone (similar to listening comprehension), and my understanding of the respective clients’ work culture/environment, I drafted the job descriptions and started to source for suitable candidates.

After the usual process of assessing the candidates, fine-tuning, and interviewing sessions, I managed to close the 2 positions. 1st candidate started work a few weeks ago while the 2nd one just accepted the offer in early November 2022.

The 2nd position was a close shave. The candidate, A, received 2nd offer after my client has offered. The package/terms for both jobs were almost similar. However, my client’s offered salary was slightly lower. It was a good problem for A to have 2 offers simultaneously, but she had to choose one.

I shared my objective views with A and left her to mull over it without probing my head. In my heart, I would give her my blessings if she chose the other offer as the terms were better. A came back the following day and decided to choose my client’s offer based on various practical reasons.

Sharing A’s feedback :

Through all our conversations, I find that you are very objective and what you said makes sense to me! You give me a feeling that I am the one who engaged your service instead of the company
Totally different from other agents, as they normally give the impression that they are representing the hiring organization.

I am humbled by the unsolicited feedback from her. I am thankful for my clients’ confidence in me to execute the ‘orders’ without the proper JDs.

Payment by Clients

As a solopreneur, I must admit that I am slow in generating my invoices as I need to handle many things at the same time. Issuing invoices is one of my last to-do items.

Interestingly, I have 1 client who chases me for invoices every time. They cite that they don’t wish to delay and forget about the payments. Also, this same client and another client make payments to me before the agreed terms of payment are up.

The clients’ support and trust have made my entrepreneurial journey more encouraging and less stressful. For this, I treasure it!

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