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Unimportant Happiness

Our lives are full of nitty-gritty matters, and mundane issues. Often times, we are bogged down by the demands and expectations of life and we may feel stifling.

When we have datelines to meet or unfruitful discussions/meetings, we will have many negative feelings. Unimportant happiness will be therapeutic for such times. We can treat ourselves to ice creams, go for a bicycle ride or a walk in the park, etc. Or, some may find solace in spending time with people or their pets.

It is important to self-care and find/create moments of unimportant happiness. The silver-haired gentleman in the painting found happiness by teasing the cats that roam around the estate.

Do you have your unimportant happiness? If not, start discovering.

Courtesy of 阿果. The background is Tanglin Halt, one of Singapore's oldest estates that is set to be demolished by the Year 2024.

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