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What is your view on ‘employee-related surveys/questionnaires’ participation?

Many companies have been rolling out related surveys such as i) Employee Engagement Survey ii) Exit interview questionnaires iii) User experience survey The feedback/results from such surveys are useful to understand the situations correctly and help in planning. I have heard of companies pushing for a full participation rate. Much following up and tracking efforts have been put in to achieve the ‘quantitative’ target. Does such quantitative target equalise quality survey results? It is right to debate that a high participation rate is required to achieve quality data. Nevertheless, there will be some participants who would complete the survey without understanding the questions correctly. Also, some may complete the survey/ questionnaire because they are being ‘asked to’. This will have an impact on the data quality too. There will never be a perfect situation. Which of the following is your view on employee-related surveys/questionnaires participation? #survey #questionnaires #employees #quantitative #quality #participation #lightwayhr

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