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Recently, I have received HR/manpower-related requests from 2 clients, to provide HR services for them. 1st client requested for ICA Safe Entry for their migrant workers to enter Singapore for new work pass holders. 2nd client's request was to bring in an identified migrant worker from his home country under the construction work permit sector. This migrant worker has never worked in Singapore.

1st client's HR is on long leave while the 2nd client does not have HR. The latter has an agent to support him. However, he shared that his agent has been slow and is not proactive. Since he knows me, he thought of engaging my service and support.

What my clients wanted is not uncommon and there are people who are providing similar services, but new to me. I told my clients that I am not familiar with the entire process and have not done some steps before, in full honestly. I reiterated to them that if they did not mind me making blunders or 'knocking the wall', I am willing to learn and try. Both gave me the green light.

I embarked on both assignments by searching for information, calling relevant authorities, and seeking advice from connections. I spent time understanding the steps/processes with my supportive clients.

As of today, 1st migrant work of the 1st client has cleared Singapore's customs without any hiccup and is serving his quarantine now. I have just completed the same process for the 2nd migrant worker. Now, I am gathering information for the 2nd client. The process is long but I am acquiring knowledge.

I am thankful for the trust and the opportunities to learn. With such, I am also gaining potential business opportunities. It all starts with the willingness to do which transforms into abilities and opportunities!

Never stop learning and exploring!

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