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Would you tell the truth about leaving during exit interviews?

In today's era, an exit interview has become essential when employees are leaving their organisations, which is part of the offboarding process It can be done through a face-to-face interview with the appointed person in the organisation together with exit questionnaires. The former helps to dive deeper into the issues while the latter is to have an understanding within the scope.

Face to Face Interview (or virtual)👥 🔗

Appointed personnel would understand the reasons why the employee resigns and determine whether is it due to push or pull factors. The resignee may feel 'intimidated' if the personnel is someone they are not comfortable with and will not speak the truth. Or, he/she may feel be 'wary' of having repercussions and will choose to give general answers.

The appointed person must set the right tone before the sharing commence and assure the resignee that information will only be shared with the Management.

Exit Questionnaire 📑

The questions in the questionnaire would be similar to a good extent. It will include questions on why the employee is leaving, what are the factors in leaving, and what could have been done to make the resignee stay before he/she resigns, etc.

If leavers were to do the questionnaire remotely, many would choose the mutual answers. Only a very limited number of people may take the opportunity to raise their grievances through the questionnaire.

Please note that leavers have the right not to attend the face-to-face interview or attempt the questionnaire.

Would you tell the truth about leaving, (particularly push factors) during exit interviews?

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